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Join BMA-NYC & BMA National

BMA-NYC chapter membership accords many benefits, whether you’re planning your next career move or in search of best practices to enrich your company or agency. We provide a community of New York area business professionals and numerous opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and learn from experienced experts.

Joining the BMA is a two-in-one process: you join the national association and your local chapter in one easy step. Separate national and local dues (totaling $285) are tallied on the one form. 

The simplest and fastest way to join is right now, online. The “Become A Member Now” link, will take you to the BMA National site's membership page. From there, you will link to the national site’s online membership application; fill in the required fields, and remember to select the New York Chapter.

If you prefer to download, print and mail in the form with your check or credit card instructions, click for the Membership Application”.

Companies wishing corporate membership for four or more members can view the “Corporate Membership Rate Program” form.

If you have any questions at any time regarding joining BMA, contact Ned Clausen by e-mail at


Links and Forms for Joining the BMA

•    Become A Member Now

•    Membership Application

•    Corporate Membership Rate Program

Membership Benefits