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The 21st-century CMO: How digital marketing is driving organization transformation
By - Adobe Systems Incorporated
The explosive growth of digital marketing is driving a significant organizational transformation in which chief marketing officers (CMOs) can redefine and elevate their role as never before. Today’s CMOs now have a broad set of tools to impact and optimize customer experiences and ultimately drive revenue for their company. And thanks to recent advances in closed-loop marketing, CMOs can measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts in terms of customer acquisition, customer retention, and revenue growth.

BPA WORLDWIDE RESEARCH STUDY: Determining Exhibitor ROI AtB-to-B Tradeshow Events
By - BPA Worldwide
In line with BPA Worldwide’s ongoing commitment of providing maximum assurance of attendance data accuracy at face-to-face events—the global auditor of media undertook a research study to measure the perceived value of independent event audits and how they are utilized when marketers are deciding to exhibit at any given business-to-business event. 

Shaping the New Exhibition Model: Exhibitors advocate for effective change to drive the future of the exhibition industry
By - Trade Show Exhibitors Association
In the face of a slowly recovering global economy and increasing pressure to deliver results, the global exhibition community is exploring new ways to streamline its processes, improve financial transparency and optimize its supply chain in order to unlock greater value from within.  

Getting the Most From Your Marketing Events: The ROI of In-Person Seminars, Trade Shows and Webinars
By Osterman Research, Inc.
This Osterman Research and Quantum Leap Marketing white paper, sponsored by Citrix Online, discusses the results of a recent survey of marketers using different types of events in the marketing mix, offers quantitative formulae for calculating your own event marketing ROI, and offers guidance for marketers and organizations to create an optimum event marketing strategy for their organization so they achieve the greatest return from their marketing resources. 

Rebuilding brands: A new study of CMO priorities in 2010
By - The Narrative Branding Company
This report tracks CMO priorities for 2010. The objective is to understand how corporate CMOs are reinventing marketing in response to a fast changing economy.  

Threats and Hazards: Event Challenges and Impacts Event Disruptions Are Always A Possibility… Planning Is the Key to Surviving Them
By Bob Mellinger, President, Attainium Corp.
In this climate, any organization that runs events should be prepared for anything that could happen – to protect its exhibitors, speakers, attendees, employees, and, to the greatest degree possible, the continuity of its events. Inherent in this is the impact on the organization's reputation. It's entirely possible that one ruined or badly handled event might mean years of rebuilding reputation and attendance. 

Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising
Developed by - American Association of Advertising Agencies, Association of National Advertisers, Council of Better Business Bureau, Direct Marketing Association, Interactive Advertising Bureau
This document begins with the definitions of terms used in the Principles, and then sets forth Principles for improved transparency and choice with respect to data collected and used to deliver Online Behavioral Advertising. 

Analytics Are Not An Audit  
By Peter Black, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Traffic analytic tools certainly have their place as an important business resource but they do not produce audited data. From their inception, reputable companies providing analytic tools have never claimed to be auditors but they have consistently positioned themselves as "third party". In the world of media, third party equates to an auditor. This has caused misunderstanding in the marketplace whereby analytic data has been accepted as audited data. 

Marketing Planning Best Practices: Business-to-Business 
By Fusion b2b
This whitepaper will consider the different types of marketing plans, how to establish marketing budgets, and how much some top business-to-business (B2B) brands spend on marketing. In addition, a marketing planning checklist is provided, along with a link to the results of a survey regarding 2011 marketing plans.  

The Use of Flash Objects in Visitor Tracking: Brilliant Idea or Risky Business?  
By Eric T. Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified
This white paper was commissioned by BPA Worldwide to outline the reasons for the use of Flash Local Shared Objects (LSOs) and present a view of the risks LSOs create from a consumer awareness and privacy perspective.  

Dashboards Are Not a Strategy: How to Focus Your Analysis Efforts to Create a True Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age 
Prepared for Coremetrics by: Eric T. Peterson, CEO and Founder Web Analytics Demystified
This white paper describes the problem, and more valuably, the solution, based on a combined 30 years of experience with digital measurement, analysis, and optimization. 

Between Blue Sky and Bullet Points: Finding the Positioning Sweet Spot 
By Mike O’Toole and Hugh Kennedy
The authors discuss the critical role of positioning as the foundation for effective marketing, focusing on how best to overcome the problem of positioning that is either too abstract or too bogged in detail to be effective. 

The New New Media: Global lessons on the future of media, content, and messaging

A Global Innovation Outlook 3.0 Report by IBM
From authenticity to community to mobility to virtual worlds, this multi-authored, comprehensive 50-page paper explores the profound ways in which digital media are altering marketing practices and more – how we do business.

Marketing Forecasting: The Hidden Secret of Today’s Most Accountable CMOs

A Marketo White Paper
This paper explores how to create forward-looking forecasts and prove marketing as an essential part of the revenue team, and promises a methodology that guarantees results.