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BMA-NY: Reimagining marketing at GE
By Christopher Hosford
When Steve Liguori came to General Electric Co. in 2006 as executive director-global marketing, he encountered an all-too-common in-house perception of the marketing department.  

The New Moore’s Law: Power Has Come to the People 

By Carl Anderson, CEO, Doremus
Anderson explores the shift in control of communications from corporate directive to community conversation, positing, “… silence is no longer golden. It’s dangerous.” His new Moore’s Law – named for the documentarian not the chip designer – is “Tell your story or have it told for you.” 

It’s Never Been A Better Time To Get Back to Marketing Basics
By Carl Anderson, CEO, Doremus
Anderson discusses how the confluence of recent events have created an historic need – and opportunity – for companies to take complete control of their communications. Those that do will gain a strategic edge over competitors. 

Communications Don’t Have To Be In Crisis
By Carl Anderson, CEO, Doremus
Anderson argues that, “Companies who are first in aligning their communications with their business platforms and communicating their message with consistency and transparency, through appropriate channels, will be put in a leadership position relative to their peers.” 

The New Normal: It’s About Value and Values
By Carl Anderson, CEO, Doremus
Anderson explores how marketers can make their brands “relevant and indispensible” in an economic landscape reshaped by the Great Recession. 

Communication Moves Centre Stage

By Paul Argenti, Professor of Corporate Communication from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Professor Argenti discusses how the economic meltdown has accelerated a shift in the control of communications from institutions to communities of individuals, citing examples in the U.S. and Europe.  

Blurred Lines
Marketing and Communications: It’s not who’s in charge, it’s who’s listening
By James E. Whaley, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Siemens Corp.
Whaley argues that marketing, communications and CSR must be well integrated in order for an organization to optimize everyone’s storytelling effectiveness. “It’s not just about selling products.  It’s also about proving wider expertise and showing our bona fides as good corporate citizens.”

Analytics Are Not An Audit: A Point of View from BPA Worldwide 
By Peter Black, Senior Vice President, Business Development 
Black pinpoints the differences between information provided by online audience audits and by web analytics tools, and discusses the value each has to offer. 

Is “Reliable Web Measurement” an Oxymoron?
By BPA Worldwide
This articles explores the ramifications of Google’s announcement that it will allow users to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics.