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"Unleash Your Data"

Whether used for market segmentation, lead generation, nurturing, customer relationship development or analytics leading to customer insight, data can account for 50-70% of the success of a marketing campaign. But building, managing and successfully using an accurate b-to-b database is one of the most daunting tasks marketers face in today’s data-filled world. With years of experience and their share of missteps and successes, panelists will share at least five tips and techniques to unleash your data and apply the power of customer insight to your marketing programs.


Theresa Kushner, Director, Customer Intelligence, Cisco  


John Coe, President and Co-Founder, B2BMarketing.com, and author, The Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing

Darryl McDonald, Executive Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, Teradata

Bill Romenesko, Global CDM Senior Manager, Dell 

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