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"Unleash Your Innovation"

What does more to assure future company growth and prosperity than innovation? Smart innovation, as in products and services that customers will want to buy at premium prices and recommend to others. Hear how GE, National Starch, IBM and Deutsche Telekom North have unleashed profound innovation processes inside their cultures. Learn how these companies, and others, approach and define innovation, how they generate and qualify big ideas, what tools they use, how they manage risk and how they deploy social networks to stoke innovation.


Steve Liguori, Executive Director, Global Marketing, GE 


Tony DeLio, Global Vice President, Marketing & Innovation, National Starch/Corn Products 

Andres Jordan, Vice President, Innovation and Head of Content and New Media Strategies, Deutsche Telekom North

Jennifer Okimoto, Associate Partner, Social Business Leader, S&T Global Center of Competence, IBM Global Business Services 

Jay Paap, President, Paap Associates 

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