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"Unleash Your Content to Generate Meaningful Thought Leadership"

Creating great content—that customers, clients and prospects eagerly, frequently and easily access and actually read, watch or listen to—is the holy grail in thought leadership today, But, despite ongoing experimentation, relatively few b-to-b marketers would say they’ve found the right formula. In this general-session panel, Accenture’s Teresa Poggenpohl will lead a fascinating discussion with a distinguished expert panel of what is working and not working for b-to-b marketers, which companies have been most successful (and how and why) and how success is being defined and measured.


Teresa Poggenpohl, Executive Director, Advertising and Brand Management, Accenture 


Andrew Bosman, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

Ben Edwards, VP, Digital Strategy & Development , IBM

Bob Pearson, Chief Technology and Media Officer, WCG, and former Vice President, Communities and Conversations, Dell  

Laura Ramos, Vice President, Industry Marketing, Services, North America, Xerox Corporation

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