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ACE Awards - Best In Show: BBDO New York

BBDO New York assembled an all-star cast for an integrated ad campaign that gives concrete examples of a complex subject: GE’s Industrial Internet. The agency tapped K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, B-9 from Lost in Space and other robotic superstars in a ‘Brilliant Machines’ integrated ad campaign. The cultural references helped it captured eyeballs via traditional and social broadcast channels.

BBDO took home five ACE Awards at the April 30 event, all for work done for GE.

Stills from the “Brilliant Machines” campaign, created by BBDO New York for GE.


The Industrial Internet is here, and GE is leading the way with the technology that is bringing it to life. GE needed to communicate the complexities of the Industrial Internet and its impact in a way that would resonate with the general public and business decision makers alike.


GE’s Industrial Internet connects advanced hardware with innovative software to create efficiencies and enhance productivity, changing the way that the world works.


GE has Brilliant Machines that can communicate with each other and with you. These machines will deliver human impact like never before. It’s big news. News so big that even famous brilliant machines from our past and present have heard about it. They’ve seen the amazing impact that GE’s machines are making. And they want to be part of it.


The campaign achieved more than 1 billion broadcast impressions, 240,000 Facebook impressions, more than 1.1 million YouTube views, 51 million trend impressions and 3,247 tweets. The campaign reached more than 6,000 people via Tumblr

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