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Incoming chairwoman’s message: Be a positive role model for change

By Kathy Button Bell

Kathy Button Bell

We’re not just the Chief Marketing Person any more. Let’s face it. Our job is changing quarterly, if not faster. It will surprise no one that survey results show the pace and amount of change in marketing is phenomenal. The good news: We have the tools and the talent to keep up with the challenge.

We’re now the Chief Transformation Officers. Today, we help our organizations face the tectonic plate shifts of our markets and of our work environments. This is about being a positive role model who demonstrates flexibility in the face of change, rather than being a wizard with a database.

We’re now Chief Integration Officers. We have to destroy silos, build collaboration and drive solutions. Our historic organizations are too complicated for our customers. Prioritize “easy-to-do-business-with” and behave like the Chief Complexity Reduction Officer.

We’re now also Chief Inspiration Officers. We have to be able to tell stories that make our employees excited about working for our brands and performing at a higher level. As marketers, we have always owned the customer experience. Now we have to inspire the employee experience as well and convince employees that we’re worth their personal investment.

Finally, keep in mind we are all now living in beta. Our jobs are more complex than ever, we wear more hats, have more constituencies and have neither additional budget nor human assets to throw at the problems.

Let the BMA help you face the chaos. As we launch a new year, we want to create more value through content deployment, chapter support and access to world-class speakers. We want to serve you better.

Make sure to be an “agile learner”—open, curious and not defensive to change. You need to deliver courage to your organization and inspire both the new customer and employee experience.

Be brave—have fun.

Kathy Button Bell is vice president and chief marketing officer of Emerson and the 2013-2014 chairwoman of the BMA.

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Francesca Brosan
Posted May 23, 2013 at 10:55 AM

Hi Kathy. Couldn't agree more. The results are just in from our latest UK research (What Works Where in B2B Digital) which shows that Marketers are having to target an increasingly wide range of audiences. We'll be sharing findings with BMA members after the conference - look forward to seeing you there! Best regards Fran

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