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Grindeland named Colo Business Marketer of the Year

By Sandra Zoratti

Sandra Zoratti


What a beautiful word.

For the past 29 years, the Colorado Business Marketing Association has honored marketers. The Business Marketer of the Year is the chapter’s most distinguished award for the person who demonstrates the highest standard of professionalism and marketing excellence.

Winning the award is a great honor. Presenting the award to the winner is an exceptional experience. And that is exactly what I was privileged to do on April 26. Here are the words I chose to honor Mark Grindeland:

It is my distinct honor to congratulate Mark Grindeland on being named BMA[-Colorado] Business Marketer of the Year 2013. He is an extraordinary businessman and exemplary human being on so many levels. Most significantly, Mark is a man of service, providing service to his company, service to his community and service to his colleagues.


Mark is incredibly dedicated to TeleTech and is the catalyst helping to transform TeleTech through immersive client experiences that focus on solving real business challenges, not just selling services. His efforts helped generate $40 million in incremental revenue last year. He is a strategic thinker and a master storyteller. He excels at branding. He is an expert marketer. He is a talented and brilliant businessman. To have all of these strengths in one person is remarkable.


Colorado is also fortunate. Mark has a big impact in our community. He has been a strategic advisor to Governor Hickenlooper through the State of Colorado’s CMO office and serves on the Colorado Innovation Network. He is spearheading a partnership between the University of Denver and TeleTech, guest lecturing at DU and speaking at BMA. Mark is also an active leader of TeleTech’s community foundation and supports outreach to local schools.


Mark lives by a code of ethics that is inspiring in business today. He is a person who cares and helps others. One of Mark’s most striking characteristics is his generosity. He brings inspiration, a collaborative spirit and genuine curiosity into every interpersonal interaction, sharing his perspective and knowledge to be helpful to his colleagues.

Please join me in congratulating Mark Grindeland, BMA-Colorado Marketer of the Year.

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