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Blaze: Conference polling captures evolving industry

Additional highlights

  • 84% of respondents said that business-to-consumer trends impact their market.
  • 25% said that their organizations employ a documented content management strategy across the enterprise.
  • 36% have made progress toward using predictive analytics.
  • 56% would respond to a relevant news event within one day.
  • 47% include online communities in their marketing mix.
  • 84% agree the community platform is a powerful engagement tool.

The role of the marketing department is changing within most b-to-b organizations, according to attendee polls conducted during the 2013 Global BMA Conference.

Marketing departments hold the potential to become change makers, but marketers need to embrace innovation and improve collaboration with other departments to realize that potential, respondents said.

About 85% of attendees who responded to in-session polls said that marketing has expanded its role in their organizations over the past two to three years.

More than 75% of respondents said they could, and should, do a better job of positioning marketing as a change maker.

The conference focused on those changing roles, providing insight to help marketers advance their strategies. More than 85% of marketers who responded to the survey indicated that they could better embrace innovation.

More than 85% of respondents said that the collaboration of marketing and sales was of at least high importance to their organizations. But the two departments currently relate as no more than occasional collaborators, according to more than 67% of respondents.

Marketers most frequently pointed to two areas for improvement: lead generation and the development of customer and competitor insights.

Attendees responded to polling questions during presentations at the Blaze conference, held May 29-31 in Chicago. They used an automated audience response system developed by Turning Technologies and sponsored by CNBC.

Corporate marketers made up 52% of respondents, while 28% worked with agencies. The remaining 20% represented consultants, technology providers and media firms.

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