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B2B Rising gathers force in NY, Colo.

The B2B Rising conference series heads to New York and Colorado this month. The events bring together a community of marketers who will explore the innovation unleashed by unprecedented change in the b2b industry.

It is a topic around which both speakers and attendees can rally, said Tom Stein, CEO-Americas at Stein IAS. Stein led the launch of the annual global conference series with the 2012 Go and Grow event series and leads the development of the New York event. He said the conference is gaining momentum in its second year.

“The speakers who have signed on for the event are really amazing,” he said. “What is catching their imaginations—and attendees’ imaginations—is the whole notion of B2B Rising and the possibilities that are being realized by companies that are focused on b2b.”

Recent additions to the New York roster include Tim Noonan, VP-ventures at Boeing Co., and Katrina Klier, global managing director-marketing and communications at Accenture. Those speakers will join a half-day lineup at the New York Academy of Sciences on Sept. 18. Stein expects a sold-out conference with 225 attendees.

In Colorado, organizers expect attendance at the second annual conference to grow by 60%. About 200 attendees should head to the Embassy Suites downtown Denver location on Sept. 19.

Mark Sanborn will headline the half-day event. Sanborn is author of The Fred Factor and  a motivational speaker who focuses on leadership development. The conference falls directly into his wheelhouse.

“Our B2B Rising theme is the revolution in marketing leadership,” said Marcy Phelps, founder of Phelps Research and organizer of the Colorado event. “And you don’t need a title to be a leader. Marketing is going through a huge change. You can be dragged along or you can be at the front.”

To register for a B2B Rising event or to learn more about the agenda, visit the event series microsite.

B2B Rising Calendar

New York: September 18

Denver: September 19

London: October

Saint Louis: October 3

Milwaukee: October 10

Dubai: October 30

SoCal: November 12

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