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Dear Friends of the FORUM,

It was more than a decade ago that the FORUM embarked on a journey to help business leaders create and sustain organizational value through their partnership with people. It was the reason we initially partnered with Northwestern University’s Medill Graduate School of Integrated Marketing Communications to research and advocate for the value of people in the workplace.

The FORUM’s evolution has brought us to a spectacular moment where our mission is perfectly aligned with the Business Marketing Association (BMA) and their 90 year history, and current day vision, to be the pre-eminent service organization for professionals in the business-to-business (B2B) marketing and communications field. READ MORE >>

The Forum: Business Results Through People, affiliated with Northwestern University, is an organizational trust for thought leadership advocating that the most effective way business leaders can create and sustain organizational value is through their partnership with people. The Forum promotes a people-centered leadership approach by: providing relevant, provocative, and actionable academic research; creating a platform for leaders to dialog, network and benchmark practices; delivering ideas for practical action and experimentation; and, building and supporting a community of champions for people-centered leadership.

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Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials have already become the majority population at many companies, and are set to be the dominant age group in the global workforce within the next ten years, leading them to have the biggest impact of a young generation in nearly three decades.  As this massive demographic shift occurs, workplaces are faced with the daunting task of attracting, training, and retaining this new generation of workers.  This research paper describes the attitudes, beliefs, and values that define the Millennial generation and offers strategies for successfully accommodating and integrating Millennials into your workforce. (December 2013) READ MORE >>

Motivation and Satisfaction Among Public Sector Employees

A great deal of attention has recently been placed on employee engagement and related concepts such as motivation, satisfaction and performance. Almost without exception, discussion of these concepts has pertained to private industry, particularly service industries in which employee performance is instrumental for success. In this study, the Forum addresses the quality of employee experiences in a public sector setting. READ MORE>>

Training Public Sector Employees: Which Employees Gain the Most?

Public sector employees face particular challenges because of the nature of the work and limitations in opportunities for salary increases and career advancement. In this paper, the Forum explores the extent to which formal training programs can enhance the performance and quality of workplace experience for public sector employees. READ MORE>>

Leadership Focused Executive Summaries

To make Forum research more relevant and useful to our constituents, end users, and the incentive and recognition industry, The Forum has produced and released targeted and concise research packages, Leadership Focused Papers, especially designed for the C-suite, human resources, sales, and marketing business sectors.

The research packages include valuable tips to help readers implement positive actions immediately. Topics are wide-ranging with special emphasis on customer service, with related sales and marketing strategies, and employee performance and engagement, with related motivation and retention strategies. READ MORE>>

The FORUM named strategic research arm of BMA

To reinforce its vision of delivering relevant content, studies and research to help business-to-business (b2b) marketers advance their education and improve their skills, the Business Marketing Association (BMA) has announced a strategic alliance with the FORUM: Business Results Through People. READ MORE >>

Motivation Trumps Training to Improve Employee Performance

New research backs importance of employee engagement. Just in time for Employee Appreciation Day, March 1, a new study released by the business thought leadership organization, The Forum questions the effectiveness of employee training programs as a means to improve job performance. Instead, highly motivated and engaged workers are more likely to contribute the most to their organizations. READ MORE>>

Employees Valuable in Helping Marketers Build Brand Value

Marketing leaders today are under strong pressure to prove return on investment with every marketing or advertising dollar spent. In addition to concentrating on their traditional customer audiences, marketers need to harness the knowledge and talent of a company’s employees to build brand reputation. A new research summary produced by the The Forum shows that an organization’s own employees are valuable advocates for a company, its products, and services. READ MORE>>

Marketers Need Employees to Deliver Brand Promise

As companies use every means at their disposal this holiday season to attract and retain customers, the barrage of noise can be overwhelming, leaving consumers somewhere between confused and exhausted. But a company’s own employees can be the most valuable asset in any marketing strategy, according to a new research summary produced by The Forum. READ MORE>>