About Us

The Forum Offers Global Expertise

Companies looking to improve their bottom line by bringing out the best in their most valuable asset – their people – can look to The Forum for solid research and expert help.

The Forum (formerly Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement) is a research center affiliated with the Medill Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program at Northwestern University. Established in 2002, a key objective of The Forum is to develop and share knowledge about communications, motivation and management so that businesses can better design, implement and manage people-based initiatives inside and outside an organization. Among its activities, the Forum:
  • Conducts and coordinates research in the area of people-centered leadership.
  • Is developing a corporate education program leading to an eventual textbook on people-centered leadership.
  • Keeps track and serves as a global clearinghouse for research on all aspects of the people management field.
  • Has established the basis for a formal educational curriculum in the area of people-centered leadership, to equip tomorrow’s business leaders with the skills needed to maximize organizational performance through people.