Facts & Background

People Performance and Engaged Employees

Research by The Forum has determined that enthusiastic and engaged employees – even those who do not have direct customer contact – positively affects a company’s reputation and profitability.

  • The Forum is a not-for-profit-trust affiliated with the Medill Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program at Northwestern University. Established in 2002, a key objective of The Forum is to research, develop and share knowledge about communications, motivation and management so that businesses can better design, implement and manage people-based initiatives inside and outside an organization.
  • Gallup Organization findings conclude that in service industries, it’s the organization’s employees who create the true brand experience for customers. Branding is not just about advertising any longer.
  • The National Consumers League has found that 76 percent of consumers use companies’ treatment of employees in their purchasing decisions. In addition, 27 percent of consumers define corporate social responsibility as a company’s commitment to its employees, rather than philanthropy.
  • A Brookings Institution study has found that 85 percent of a company’s market value is now calculated on intangible assets, such as institutional knowledge, reputation, and human talent.
  • Research by Towers Watson points out that companies with employees who trust management enjoy 300 percent more profitability than companies with distrustful employees.