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The Forum is pleased to provide resources and studies that, while not all authored or produced by The Forum, offer significant insight into people-centered leadership.


The Forum is featured in BusinessEdge Article, "Enriching Employees Enriches the Bottom Line" (September 2012)

The best companies know that having innovative, committed employees doesn’t happen with the wave of a wand. It takes strong leadership and a culture that brings out the best in people while encouraging high levels of engagement.  READ MORE>>

The Forum and Academic Director, Frank Mulhern featured in Business Agility Article (March 2012)

The Forum and Frank Mulhern, PhD are featured in the article, "Recruiting with an Agile Touch," by blogger Ellis Booker in a March 16 Business Agility article.   READ MORE>>

Forum Think Tank and Virtual Study featured in blog (January 2012)

The Forum's Think Tank and Virtual Study  were featured in a Return On blog article.  READ MORE>>

Forum Coaching Study Featured (October 2011)

The Forum's recent coaching study is the focus of an article in the Chief Learning Officer, an online publication featuring articles on executive coaching and leadership development .  READ MORE>>

Forum is noted in Customer Care News Article  (Fall 2011)

In Joan Travelstead's, National Gift Card Corporation, article, Can an Employee Recognition Program Promote Customer Loyalty? cites Forum research.  READ MORE>>

Good News for Workers! (April 2011)

Might employers be getting ready to loosen their purse strings? A nationwide survey from CareerBuilder, conducted last fall, indicates they might. The company polled more than 2,400 hiring managers and found that 31 percent said they’re willing to negotiate salary increases with current employees and 51 percent plan to leave some negotiating room when extending initial offers to new employees. Forum Research Director, Jennifer Rosenzweig is quoted in this article.  READ MORE >>


The Forum

The Forum: Business Results Through People produced the following video under its former name, Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement. The video content remains the foundation of the organization.

Employee Engagement/Disengagement

Forum Trustee Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP, O.C. Tanner, is interviewed at the 2010 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas. Michelle gave us a great presentation concerning the epidemic of employee engagement (and/or disengagement) in today's corporate workplace - - which is directly correlated to the level of customer satisfaction with a company - - which is also correlated to the financial performance of the organization.

Good stuff - - bottom line - employee motivation, recognition, and retention had better be on the minds of Marketing and HR.