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Hayzlett hosts Bloomberg series “Inside the C-Suite”

Bloomberg Television contributor Jeffrey Hayzlett celebrated the debut of his new business series last week. At the New York premiere, he walked the red carpet in his trademark Lucchese cowboy boots.

The International BMA board member is scheduled to host an initial eight episodes of “Inside the C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett.” Each 30-minute program features a prominent company: Dunkin’ Donuts, Heineken, MGM. Executive leaders gather around that most elusive of tables and speak on the record about operational strategy, challenges and best practices.

That’s the hook for the program, Hayzlett said. “Most business people will never enter the C-suite of a company of this scope,” he said. “It’s easier to become a pro athlete than to join the C-suite of a Fortune 100 company.”

The show leverages the former Eastman Kodak CMO’s insider status to gain access to the conference rooms. “The number of people in the C-suite is relatively small,” Hayzlett said. “You tend to know each other, and because of my experience, they trust me to be fair.”

The first eight episodes focus on consumer companies, but B2B leaders will find that the lessons apply in their industries as well, Hayzlett said. And more is coming. “We have plans for B2B.”

“Inside the C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett” airs on Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. A livestream of the show also is available on digital and mobile devices.

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