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The FORUM named strategic research arm of BMA

10-15-2013 - To reinforce its vision of delivering relevant content, studies and research to help business-to-business (b2b) marketers advance their education and improve their skills, the Business Marketing Association (BMA) has announced a strategic alliance with the FORUM: Business Results Through People. READ MORE >>

Motivation Trumps Training to Improve Employee Performance 

02-28-2013 - Just in time for Employee Appreciation Day, March 1, a new study released today by the business thought leadership organization, The Forum: Business Results Through People, questions the effectiveness of employee training programs as a means to improve job performance. Instead, highly motivated and engaged workers are more likely to contribute the most to their organizations. READ MORE>>


Employees Valuable in Helping Marketers Build Brand Value 

12-13-2012 - Marketing leaders today are under strong pressure to prove return on investment with every marketing or advertising dollar spent. In addition to concentrating on their traditional customer audiences, marketers need to harness the knowledge and talent of a company’s employees to build brand reputation. A new research summary produced by the The Forum shows that an organization’s own employees are valuable advocates for a company, its products, and services. READ MORE>>

Marketers Need Employees to Deliver Brand Promise

12-11-2012 - As companies use every means at their disposal this holiday season to attract and retain customers, the barrage of noise can be overwhelming, leaving consumers somewhere between confused and exhausted. But a company’s own employees can be the most valuable asset in any marketing strategy, according to a new research summary produced by The Forum. READ MORE>>

Satisfied Employees Vital to Marketing Success

11-28-2012 - As marketing leaders struggle daily with the task of demonstrating the connection between brand reputation and measurable financial results, it’s important to take into account that an organization’s own employees have a direct, major impact on brand reputation, according to a new research summary produced by The Forum. READ MORE>>

Patience, Helpfulness Key to Driving Today’s Sales

10-10-2012 - In today’s slower economy, the tension between a salesperson’s need to close a sale and the customer’s concern over buying the best product at the best price, is more pronounced than ever. But creating positive first impressions and demonstrating a sincere willingness to help a customer – whatever the outcome - are critical steps to longer-term success, according to a new research summary produced by The Forum. READ MORE>>

Engaged Employees Lead to Higher Customer Spending

10-04-2012 - Human resources leaders have a unique opportunity to help their companies achieve revenue increases by as much as nearly 23% by investing wisely in communication, recognition, and incentive programs to improve employee engagement, in which current levels are at an all-time low. READ MORE>>