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B2B Rising



B2B Rising was the “of the moment” conference for business marketing professionals. B2B Rising focused on the profound and growing role B2B is playing to drive innovation and spur growth.

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Technology Rising

CMOs, CIOs and CEOs are seeing Big Data as an incredible resource to change the way they market and drive value for their organizations and their clients’ organizations yet they struggle to effectively tap it.

Technology Rising features compelling case studies of how marketers are turning Big Data into a competitive advantage today. By understanding an individual, marketers can predict the “next need” and “next aspiration.” Through data and sophisticated analytics, they are gaining a holistic view of the customer experience that gets richer with every interaction. More than ever, customer centricity is the key to B2B marketing performance.

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Marketing Rising

The dominant issues facing companies operating in business-to-business markets are being reshaped by commoditization, innovation, global growth, new rivals and shifting buying behaviors. Increasingly, these issues are the province of a generation of Chief Marketing Officers and marketing organizations amply equipped to address them. Senior marketers and CEOs discuss the ideal role and impact of marketing on enterprise strategy, differentiation and revenue growth - including the necessary interaction of CEO and CMO in a super-charged B2B environment.

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Creativity Rising

The question today isn’t whether creativity is relevant to marketers, but where are the boundaries? Or, have we entered an era in which the process of re-imagining the boundaries must be ongoing? The creative domain now ranges from digital user experiences to advertising to branded services to content strategies. In this session, three creative leaders define the limits of creativity in their organizations, and discuss how to be effective in today’s dynamic environment.

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Convergence Rising

Suddenly, PR agencies are entering into the advertising and media space. Digital agencies are becoming brand specialists. Media shops are moving into the creative realm. Publishers are migrating into traditional ad agency territory. And ad shops are looking to protect their flanks. There’s little wonder why. Screens are converging. Content and commerce are converging. And the multiplicity of channels and vehicles to engage audiences is redefining the competitive landscape.

As a result, agencies and media providers across the spectrum are recalibrating their offerings, creating a convergence of disciplines and service models. The most important questions – and the subject of Convergence Rising: What are clients looking for? What do they need? Who is best suited to provide it? And who will hold the high grand…or has this very question lost its relevance?

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Innovation Rising

In B2B, innovation takes center stage. Businesses, large and small, share a common purpose and passion: Innovation with impact. As just one example: The emerging Industrial Internet is projected to create value at a blistering clip – from 2012’s $20 billion to $1.2 trillion in 2020!

Innovation is on-going and starts internally. Innovation should be everyone’s job. Companies must challenge their employees to rise to new levels as a means of kick-starting innovation with the hope of providing new programs they can bring to market. While innovation is about inspiring existing employees, it’s also about finding new talent outside the company as a means of providing new inspiration and perspective. 

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