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The Scholarship Program

The mPower scholarship program is designed to encourage, support, educate, and promote emerging leaders in business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Through this program, BMA Chicago provides five $5,000 scholarships to Chicago-area college students with a major or area of concentration in marketing, communication, media, and/or journalism. This unique program helps college students through difficult economic times, exposes students to the practices, trends and companies within the B2B industry, and connects young professionals with established industry leaders and potential employers. Find out more.

The Media Auction

The college scholarship program is partially funded through the BMA Chicago mPower media auction.  Through the mPower auction, media organizations are able to provide philanthropic support to the community and the industry while simultaneously providing value-added media for current or prospective clients. Previous participants include The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, CFO, Fortune, Crain’s, The Economist, IndustryWeek, CNNMoney, Inc., Spirit, CIO, and more.

Previous media available for bid:

Junior Page - Black & White (up to 5 column x 18” = 9.02” x 18”- 90 column inches) in the US Edition of The Wall Street Journal.  Must be incremental to current campaign.  Rate card value: $186,633.90

One page - 4C bl. Rate card value: $166,500

Full Page, 4C  - Rate card value: $23,633

30,000 impressions per month for 6 months in  Rate card value: $30,000

One Full page, color print advertisement in Animal Frontiers Magazine. Rate card value: $2,400

3 months (2) quarter page ads in The Niles Bugle.  4" wide x 8" high, black and white. Rate card value: $465.92

1/2 page 4 color ad to be placed in a single issue offer starts in July 2014. Offer expires December 31, 2014. Rate card value: $5,750

30,000 impressions across the JAMA network for 3 months.  Rate card value: $2,400

To place your bid or learn about other media opportunities, please email Marla Schrager.  


Simply give

If you or your company would like to make a financial contribution to mPower, you can do so now by reaching out to Marla Schrager!



The current application period is now closed.