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NEW! Member-Only E-Book

Marketing today requires a 360 degree view, with a complete holistic approach to communications. In addition to the thinking of a marketer, B2B marketing now requires the pizzazz of a media publisher, the analysis of a data scientist, and the creativity of a copywriter and designer. All combined with intuition and response of the exquisite conversationalist. 


The complete e-book and tools are exclusive member benefits for active members of BMA. Click here to download a sample of the member-only e-book or receive full access and tools by joining BMA at


If you are a member of BMA, you should have recieved an email that will give you accIess to The New Integrated Marketing and the associated tools and templates for free. If you are a member and did not receive your access email, please email Marla Schrager to gain access.


Integrated marketing campaigns are a complete alignmet of marketing, communications and sales with your business goals in order to drive long term enterprise value. Based off the e-book, the The New Integrated Marketing: Video Series, brought to you by BMA Chicago, will share examples and insight for creating a successful integrated marketing campaign in our always-on digital world.