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New Brand and Website Revitalizes Business Marketing Association

May 15, 2014

Updated design to reflect enhanced member offerings, build chapter continuity and engagement

Visitors to the Business Marketing Association (BMA) website today discovered a totally different experience awaiting them. Today, the BMA launched a new, updated website featuring the new brand approach of the organization, including a new logo. The refreshed look is part of an ongoing effort by the BMA to enhance the value, engagement and experience of business-to-business (B2B) marketers across its 22 chapters.

“The BMA has always been about providing B2B marketers with valuable research, insights and content they can use to navigate the gauntlet of fast-changing challenges they face every day,” says Kathy Button Bell, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Emerson and BMA Chair 2013/2014. “This new brand look and website reflect our goal of creating greater value and continuity throughout the organization.”  

In addition to showcasing the new brand look, the new BMA website features more dedicated space for research, news and knowledge-sharing. Members will be able to easily access the expanding research provided by the new BMA partnership with The FORUM, announced in October, 2013. Additionally, the site upgrades will make content more rapidly accessible to members including same-day access to conference presentations from events like the upcoming BMA14 conference on May 28, 2014

“BMA exists to connect B2B marketers with the knowledge and network they need to fuel their careers and further their companies’ capabilities,” says Chris Schermer, BMA’s VP of Marketing, and President of Minneapolis-based SCHERMER, the B2B marketing agency that led the new branding and website efforts. “The new branding conveys the value of the connections we create, from an innovative logo system that unifies our organizational identity, to a new national and chapter website platform that brings together the reach of our international association with the relevance of our local chapters’ content and community. Our new tagline, ‘Your Connection to B2B,’” Schermer added, “really sums up what – and who – we stand for.”

The BMA’s largest chapter, BMA Chicago, also launched their new website today in conjunction with the national organization. BMA Chicago is the first of several chapters taking advantage of the new unified brand and website platform.

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