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About the BMA Global Conference Series

A global conference series to bring together the world's leading business marketers.

For years, the Business Marketing Association has held the largest, most important annual conference specifically intended for B2B marketers. Each year, BMA’s individual chapters each hold multiple events to provide insights, best practices and networking opportunities for chapter members and B2B marketing professionals in their respective areas.

In 2012, BMA added another major component to its event offerings – a global conference series jointly led by the International BMA and local/regional chapters. The first event series, Go and Grow, launched in multiple markets with considerable success. More than 800 attendees gathered for world-class events from New York to London to Beijing.

In 2013, BMA is building on the success of Go and Grow with the B2B Rising global conference series, adding events in Kansas City, Milwaukee and Dubai. In doing so, BMA is building its brand footprint, reaching more B2B leaders, delivering more informational and networking value, and further establishing itself as the preeminent global marketing association targeting the B2B community and with a 100% B2B agenda.