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Members: $159 per person
Non-members: $199 per person

Pre-Conference Workshop:
(this is an additional registration fee)

Members: $35 per person
Non-members: $50 per person


Title sponsor
Sirius Decisions

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BMA Colorado
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September 12, 2014
(10 am-6 pm)

The Curtis Hotel
1405 Curtis St.
Denver, CO 80202

Engaging With The Empowered Customer: Collaborate, Connect, Engage

The workplace has changed. Bring-Your-Own-Device and social networks are deeply embedded in the largest of enterprises. The result? Total disruption in the B2B buying cycle. Buyers have more information than ever before (Dan Pink). And 57% of the B2B buying cycle is now complete before the first engagement with sales (Google/CEB).

B2B Marketing will respond with technology-driven engagement

Engagement = Revenue. A recent Bluewolf study of over 450 Salesforce customers found that 84% believe customer engagement will overtake productivity as the primary driver of growth.

Marketing relies on content, social, and technology to fuel engagement. However, in order for content + social to become the driving powerhouse that it has been promised to be, marketing must embrace a complete shift in thinking. It must:

  • Collaborate with sales, IT, analysts, partners and the market in general.
  • Connect technology and people across marketing and the business.
  • Engage - by leveraging technology to listen, participate, and contribute, representing your brand ?while developing a sustainable inbound lead flow.