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Early bird: $69 non-members, $35 members (through 11/6, members only through 10/26)

Full price: $89 non-members, $45 members


November 20, 2014

The Employer’s Association, Carolina Room
3020 West Arrowood Road
Charlotte, NC 28273

Connect2 Education B2B Marketing Workshop

Educational workshop with 4 B2B marketing experts. Hands-on training, networking and B2B education.





Marketing Automation, Lead Management and Lead Nuturing

Jen Stretch, Principal Consultant, HomeStretch Marketing

Are you still managing your customer database with an Excel spreadsheet or using a batch and blast approach to email all of your prospects? In this interactive presentation, you will learn how a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platform will help generate new business opportunities and target prospects based on where they are in your sales cycle.


The Creative Development Process: From Idea to Execution

Peggy Brookhouse, President/Partner, Luquire George Andrews

Peggy Brookhouse will take you on a behind-the-scenes look at an advertising agency’s creative development process. This session will emphasize the importance of a tight creative brief in freeing up the creative process, and how to keep a great idea intact through execution.


Networking Break


Taming the Beast (Pro Hacks for Faster, Better Content Creation)

Heather Head, Chief Content Officer, Scopcity

Everyone knows that quality, targeted content is critical to successful online marketing, lead generation, and sales conversions. But with many experts calling for three times daily blogging, multiple social media accounts, and constant creation of new case studies, white papers, and guide books, who has time to do it right? You do, when you apply the game-changing strategies presented by content production expert, Heather Head. She’ll demonstrate how to focus your efforts where they really matter, create content that actually works, and access pro hacks that beef up your quantity without sacrificing quality.


Taste of LinkedIn

Ira Bass, CEO, IB Media LLC

Learn several LinkedIn tips designed to improve your success rate for profile discovery.


Wrap-up and closing remarks