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BMA BUZZ - May 29, 2014


By Kate Maddox for the BMA14 Show Daily
BMA14, the Business Marketing Association's annual conference in Chicago, kicked off Wednesday before a crowd of nearly 1,000 attendees, making it "the single largest b-to-b professional event anywhere on the planet," said incoming BMA chairman Steve Liguori. Read more.

BMA14: Marketers must disrupt or be disrupted
By Kate Maddox for the BMA Show Daily 
Steve Liguori, the incoming chairman of the Business Marketing Association, says that in the midst of tumultuous change going on in the industry, b-to-b marketers must "disrupt or be disrupted." Liguori, executive director-global innovation and new models at GE, took over the leadership of the BMA Wednesday from Kathy Button Bell, VP-CMO at Emerson. Read more.

It's time to turn traditional agencies upside down
By Brent Wilson, AHA!
The marketing world has made phenomenal changes in the last decade, but I see a lot of agencies that still look like they always have. Picture a pyramid: Near the top are a few people in disciplines that drive creative and client decisions, like strategy and deep brand knowledge. The bottom is heavy with production and management of tactical deliverables. It's a model built to accommodate the needs of the past. Read more.

Social will dominate customers' brand experience
Many books have been written about social media, but Peter Friedman, CEO of social marketing company LiveWorld, saw a void. "So many publications are full of platitudes or have a very narrow focus on tactics," he says. "If you're in charge of marketing for a company, it doesn't tell you where to go." So he authored The CMO's Social Media Handbook. Read more.

BIA/Kelsey: Social media revenue to triple by 2018
U.S. social media revenue will jump to $15 billion in 2018, about triple the investment seen in the channel in 2013, according to projections from media consultancy BIA/Kelsey. Increased interest in mobile and native advertising will drive growth in 2014. Read more.
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