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Connect2: 2014 regional conference series launches

The 2014 BMA Global Conference Series will pick up the banner of the BMA brand, carrying “Your Connection to B2B” to cities including Phoenix, Denver, New York, Milwaukee and Dubai.

“It’s the idea of connecting to the future, connecting to technology, connecting to expertise, connecting to each other,” says Tom Stein, CEO of Stein IAS, Americas. “It’s the BMA’s mission at the core.”

Stein has led the roving conference since its inception three years ago. The regional events serve as a meeting place for business marketing professionals and last year attracted more than 1,000 attendees.

This year, the focus of “Connect2” will fall on emerging opportunities. In Denver, marketing leaders will explore the impact that empowered customers are having on the B2B buyer’s journey. In Milwaukee, Kim Metcalf-Kupres will share expertise gained during her 20-year sales and marketing career at Johnson Controls, where she now serves as VP-CMO.

New York City speakers will look ahead to what organizers are calling “Future Perfect.” “There have been so many advances in the last few years, and marketers are still mastering those areas,” Stein says. “But even as they develop [new competencies] there is a whole new area of innovation nipping at their heels.”

BMA Buzz will be posting event news as the conference series develops. You can also visit the event website for more details, or sign up to receive email notifications.

  • Phoenix: Aug. 21
  • Denver: Sept. 12
  • New York: Sept. 17
  • Milwaukee: Oct. 9
  • SoCal: Oct. 15
  • Dubai: Fall 2014
  • Kansas City: Fall 2014
  • The Carolinas: Fall 2014
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