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Code Classes - Not Just For Developers

As part of the FWD Innovation Series of events sponsored by BMA:FWD of NY, on Wednesday, Aug 6th, we visited The New York Code + Design Academy, located in New York City’s Financial District. There, we had the opportunity to sit down in an informal setting with the CEO and co-founder of the NYCDA, Jeremy Snepar, to learn more about how his school came into being, the impact his instructors are already having on students’ lives and careers, what’s next for him, and his academy’s place within the new coding and design industry.

What you immediately recognize about NYCDA is how relaxed and friendly the staff is. While they offer small-group full-time courses geared at training future coders and developers, they are just as interested in teaching non-developers the fundamentals of coding and UI/UX design. The academy also offers age-appropriate courses for children and teens.

NYCDA’s Chief Academic Officer, Zach Feldman, joined us midway to expound upon the benefits marketing and communications professionals were gaining in the workspace from as little as two weeks of classes at the academy. Companies and organizations that sent members of their non-coding/-developer teams to the NYCDA found that their employees were gaining a level of insight and working vocabulary that was allowing them to more effectively negotiate project parameters and time-lines, often to the benefit of their clients.

Jeremy shared the unique path that led him to found the NYCDA. While working at a small investment-banking firm, whose niche was in digital media and tech start-ups, Jeremy noticed a startling trend – every company looking for capital with which he worked was having trouble finding and hiring web developers. Thinking back on his first job out of college (where he graduated with an Economics degree) as a marketer for the NY Film Academy, he saw how applicable their business model was to his own idea. Except, instead of teaching acting and directing as they did, his school would teach coding and web development, training people to fill the large number of available developer jobs.

Now in its own space downtown, Jeremy is quick to point out that without the support of his mentors at the NY Film Academy and the initial classroom space they provided, it would have taken the NYCDA far longer to get to this point, now 2 years in.

The FWD Innovation Series of events provides an intimate opportunity for attendees to meet and hear directly from young entrepreneurs who are in the process of changing the face of business in their respective fields, bringing their ideas to life in a way that benefit all of us, personally and professionally. The BMA:FWD enthusiastically supports the entrepreneurial spirit and the passion for great ideas.

BMA:FWD is the young professionals’ arm of BMA-NYC, comprised of forward-thinking individuals ranging from recent college graduates to those who have been in the marketing and communications industry for less than ten years. BMA:FWD focuses on issues that affect young marketers. The group is led by a team of emerging marketers from such organizations as Google, Bloomberg, Crain’s, IBT Media, and the WSJ, and NYC-based agencies such as Doremus, Edelman, and Stein IAS.  Connect with BMA:FWD on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn for news, updates and discussions.  Learn more about membership and upcoming events at BMA:FWD, or contact them directly at

The New York Code + Design Academy offers hands-on, intensive workshops in web and mobile app development and UI/UX design.  Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced developer, their suite of part time and full time workshops will help you build your digital skill set. Interested in hearing more about what’s going on at NYCDA day-to-day? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Find regular post updates at their blog and learn more about them at