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Image 1 - ER Marketing created the Huttig promotion to support sales of a high-end door. Image 2 - Email, print and fax components drove customers to a campaign microsite. Image 3 - The microsite asked visitors to register and choose the reward that they wanted to win.

Elton Mayfield Marketers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the results of their campaigns, but often struggle to identify and collect actionable data, says Elton Mayfield, founding partner of Kansas City-based agency ER Marketing. Mayfield, a member of the BMA International Board of Directors, spoke to BMA Carolinas about best practices this week: “It’s about defining what is important, impactful and executable, then measuring everything you can to see how you’re doing.” BMA Buzz: Are all available metrics always important? Elton Mayfield: Any metric can be important.

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