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Eduardo Conrado Senior VP and CMO Motorola Solutions Eduardo Conrado, senior VP and CMO-Motorola Solutions, shifted his marketing strategy two years ago, moving away from a traditional, product-driven approach and instead focusing on the needs of customers in the government, enterprise and public services markets that the company serves. The transition saw him leave behind the 4 P’s of marketing, a well-known framework that emphasizes product, place, price and promotion, in favor of a new model. SAVE focuses on solutions, access, value and education.

BMA Buzz: What are your plans for 2014? How is your strategy evolving, and what are your budget priorities? Kathy Button Bell BMA Chair VP-CMO Emerson Electric Co. Kathy Button Bell: The job that marketing is responsible for keeps getting broader. We are increasingly involved in market research behind new product development and [we’re reshaping] the digital customer experience.

BMA Chicago this week released a new e-book that serves as an integrated marketing primer. Ditch the Pitch: The New Integrated Marketing includes best practices, tools and templates to help business marketers get ahead. It is the first publication to come out of a new content committee headed by Belinda Hudmon, a BMA Chicago board member and senior director-digital strategy and operations at Motorola Solutions.

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