ANA Content Marketing Day @ Bloomberg (Members Only Conference)

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Begins:Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 8:15am
Ends:Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 3:00pm

120 Park Ave.
22nd Floor
New York, NY 10165

Thursday, November 15, 2018




Michael Eisenreich

Global Head of Brand Strategy, Digital, Creative & Content Marketing



Bloomberg Leads With Their Values

In 2018 Bloomberg was named one of NewsCred’s Top 50 Best Content Marketing Brands. By leading with their values, Bloomberg's Diversity & Inclusion Blog shares thought leadership and research on the topic. Hear how Bloomberg creates unique content that both represents their own values and helps other brands benchmark, learn and grow.

Moderator: Andrew Bimson

Global Marketing Operations


Ramona Roopnarine

Global Team Lead, Diversity & Inclusion Marketing


Meghan Waters

Global Head of Content Marketing


Shafqat Islam

Cofounder & CEO


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American Express: Measuring Content Through the Marketing Funnel

Marketers agree that it is increasingly important to engage and connect with customers through the marketing funnel – from the initial brand message, to category consideration and performance marketing. And content marketing is a great way for brands to accomplish this. But how do we measure this new approach? Learn about channel attribution and how content through mid-funnel can help your brand connect the overall customer experience. 

Tatyana Zlotsky

Vice President

American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

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Marketing the Experience of Connected Content at Peloton Cycle

Peloton did not become one of the fastest growing companies in New York, let alone gain unicorn valuation, without a product that delivers an unparalleled experience. At the core of the Peloton experience: the content. Hear how marketing Peloton’s live and on-demand content is at the center of their marketing and explosive brand growth.

Ryan Dillon-Curran

Director, Brand Marketing

Peloton Cycle

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Kaiser Permanente: Bringing a Content Strategy to Life

Stories have always been our most powerful communications vehicle. And they can be used as an effective device to frame and articulate any strategy—marketing, content, sales, business, and personal. Learn how the characters, the conflict, and the plot are all necessary to successfully bring your content strategy to life.

Franklin Parrish

Senior Director, Creative and Editorial Services

Kaiser Permanente

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Habitat for Humanity: Storytelling That Brings a Mission to Life

Habitat for Humanity is creates content that both promotes the organization’s overall mission while at the same time creating shared value for their community partners. Hear how they leverage their storytelling capabilities to promote their overall mission and principles, promote their work and bring stable housing to communities across the country.

Shala Carlson

Senior Director, Storytelling

Habitat for Humanity

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TBS: Launching Final Space

In 2018 TBS was launching their new animated comedy, Final Space. In order to build awareness and interest in the show, TBS needed a new approach. Utilizing data to inform their decisions they knew reaching millennial audiences in social could be tricky. They needed an experience. They landed on creating a world in Facebook, which would resonate with gamers and non-sports fans – both of which were target audiences for the show. Hear how TBS and GLOW were able to create a Facebook live event generating buzz, interest and most importantly – creating the best performing live event for TBS ever.

Amanda Vance

Social Strategist


Sean Lynam

Director of Marketing


Rob Lester

Associate Creative Director


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