ANA Business to Business Members-Only Conference @ Wells Fargo

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At this conference you will hear from B2B marketers who are driving business growth by honing their strategic direction, by generation strong B2B branding programs, and those who have found focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty returns great dividends.

Begins:Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 8:45am
Ends:Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 2:00pm

Wells Fargo
333 Market Annex Building
San Francisco, CA 94105

The entrance is at the 333 Market Annex Building Connection building. The underground parking garage at 333 Market Street costs $32 per day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018



General Session Begins


Igniting Innovation Initiatives

Innovation is at the heart of growth, and driving a successful innovation marketing strategy is key to continued success. In this session, learn how Adobe advances innovation initiatives across its enterprise business. Hear a case study about one of Adobe’s organically grown businesses, discover B2B strategies to launch new in-house products and ventures, and learn how to overcome internal roadblocks to achieve success.

Kellie Krug

SVP, Head of Wholesale Marketing

Wells Fargo & Company

Andrea A. Boscoe

Senior Vice President Integrated Marketing, Wholesale Banking

Wells Fargo & Company

Laura Sullivan

Senior Vice President, Wholesale Marketing Strategic Insights

Wells Fargo & Company

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The Rise, Fall and Rise of Marketing Technology

Recent Gartner research shows that marketing technology is on average consuming 22% of enterprise marketers budgets — on par with media, people and services. Yet, a 2017 study revealed that only 15% of marketers believe they are among the “most successful marketers” who are using modern martech effectively. Why are so many marketers still struggling to realize martech’s potential at a level that’s commensurate with their investment? As they struggle, are they falling behind in preparedness for the next major movement forward: the adoption of AI and other imminently emerging technologies; as well as the renaissance in iconic creativity in the form ideas and experiences that deliver emotional impact along the buyer journey? At this session, Tom Stein and Ted Kohnen of global B2B agency Stein IAS will lay out the path forward for marketers seeking to master Modern Marketing and step ahead into B2B marketing’s Post-Modern age.

Tom Stein

Chairman/Chief Client Officer

Stein IAS

Ted Kohnen

Managing Partner

Stein IAS


Networking Coffee Break


Tighten Your Briefing Process; Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

If you haven’t asked yourself lately “Is our scope of work process and briefing of agencies strong enough?” you may be missing out on the opportunity to get better output from your agencies and better mileage from your budget.

Writing better SOWs and briefs is about better work and eliminating waste that results from poor guidance and projects that zig zag unnecessarily. In this presentation Bruno will demonstrate that poor scoping and briefing is the primary source of marketer’s inefficiencies and misguided efforts as highlighted in a recent study where 73% of agencies claimed that clients provided poor guidance.

Learn specific steps you can take to elevate your SOW and assignment brief process and how these simple techniques will help you drive your costs down and make you a client your agency will want to do great work for.

Bruno Gralpois

Co-Founder & Principal

Agency Mania Solutions

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Distinguishes Your Brand Through Thought Leadership

For B2B marketers, leveraging content that positions their brands as thought leaders on issues important to their customers is a critical piece of the overall marketing mix. Getting this right requires brands to think and act more like publishers or programmers: choreographing content, social, and technology strategies that infuse customer experiences with new levels of brand utility. Steve Sonnenfeld will outline the range of ins, outs, and keys to positioning your brand to achieve thought leadership success.

He will also discuss what brands and marketers have discovered that resonates with customers in a relatable and ultimately profitable way – specifically why relevant content must become a major part of the marketing campaign.

Stephen Sonnenfeld

VP, Global Creative Director

Thomson Reuters

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Conference Adjournment

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