ANA Business Marketing Members-Only Event in Denver

This event is over.

Begins:Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 8:30am
Ends:Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 12:00pm

The Denver Athletic Club
1325 Glenarm Place
Denver, CO 80204

Please click here for driving and parking directions to the Denver Athletic Club.

SESSION #1 - The Evolving Landscape: How the Email World has Shifted to the Center of the Digital Ecosystem

How important is your email address?  Think about it.  You use it to communicate with your bank, insurance, family, social media, news, favorite retail store and the list goes on.  Once considered a disposable part of daily life, your email address is now more important than your bank account number.  Sure, the perception has changed and the convergence of MarTech and AdTech is solidifying the omnichannel and 1:1 marketing nirvana further. Many have coined the term “people based marketing”, and others like Facebook and Google (to name but a few) are aggressively attempting to do just that. Email marketers have known and done this for years, identifying the consumer through their email address. Join Adestra’s Ryan Phelan, U.S. VP of Marketing Insights, to learn how the changes in global data practices and privacy laws are pushing companies across the world to look to email marketing to lead them to the promised land of addressability of the consumer and what that means for email marketing and marketers.

Take Aways:
At the end of this session, you’ll be able to 
•    Understand the true power of third party data to enhance your current targeting
•    Learn how email marketing has evolved and how you can make sure you’re on the cutting edge
•    Develop strategies that you can implement tomorrow that will incrementally evolve your program

Ryan Phelan
Vice President of Marketing Insights


SESSION #2 - How Interactive Marketing Thrives with Combination of Digital, Print and Direct Mail!

Engage with our panel of industry leaders and hear how leveraging the multiple marketing platforms of Digital + Print + Direct Mail yields critical advantages optimizing ROI and response rates. Representing many verticals, these experts will share their perspectives in a lively exchange on how and why all channels have a must include role in their campaigns.

Discover how technology has amplified new cross platform opportunities by purposefully enhancing customer & prospect interaction. Multi-channel opportunities include: Mobile Shopping – QR Codes, Snap Tags and Watermarks; Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Engagements – visual effects, sound, scent and textures and Emerging & Advanced Technologies – NFC, VIP and Augmented Realty.
Your session take-aways will include:

  • Discover how Digital Marketers apply print & direct mail to both B2B and B2C
  • Listen how Marketers are optimizing ROI with new technologies that has made print and direct mail “interactive and irresistible”!
  • Hear these industry leaders’ logic in combining traditional, digital and social media with stunning results!
  • Learn the latest interactive marketing techniques
  • Receive 2017’s new postal promotions with the deepest postal discounts available for your campaigns

“Direct Mail is one of the most measurable of all media, boosting he quality of analytics for any campaign” – 2016 DMA Statistical Fact Book.

Panelists include:
Dan Brown

Director, Fundraising Marketing
Focus on the Family

Jim Fox
Strategist & Director of Data Science

VERDI Behavioral Marketing

Gabe McMurtry
Marketing Manager, Acquisition Strategy
DISH Network

Panel moderator:
Steve Rhodes
Sr. Innovations Specialist

Japs-Olson Company


SESSION #3 - The B2B Search Landscape: Aligning Your Campaigns to the Buyer's Journey

According to recent studies, 90% of the B2B purchase process happens before sales is involved, 60% of B2B customers only consider 2 brands after completing their research, and 89% of purchasers make their decision using search engines.

This April, Big Footprint is partnering with the experts at Google to present the latest search trends and practices that are allowing B2B companies to evolve their sales funnel through search – with real-world examples from our most successful campaigns.

Google will open the talk with an extensive run-down of the latest SEM tools, tactics, and trends available to the B2B marketer.

Big Footprint will share proven B2B strategies for driving digital success through paid search, programmatic buying, and advanced targeting that will reach your audience at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Takeaways will include
• Learning how ad buying platforms like Adwords have evolved targeting methods to refine the way you reach your audience
• Understanding how to architect your online media strategy to affect B2B buyers at each stage of the journey, placing emphasis where it matters most
• Seeing first-hand how other companies have applied these technologies to drive measurable ROI

Zach W. Randall
Big Footprint

Joe Koziol
Google Agency Adwords Specialist

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