ANA/BMA Members-Only Event in New York City

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Begins:Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 8:00am
Ends:Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 12:30pm

Scandinavian House
58 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016

SESSION #1 - Creative on Demand: How B2B Marketers Can Become Massively Creative at a Moment's Notice 

We've all seen the examples of GE Ecomagination, IBM Watson and Jean-Claude Van Damme's Volvo splits. They're held up time and again as beacons of killer creative. Enough already. It's easy if you have sexy products and big budgets. But we sell boring B2B stuff. Those examples don't have anything to do with us. Or do they?

It turns out, we all suffer from something called Brand Detachment Disorder (B.D.D.). We can't connect the dots with unrelated brands and our blindness kills creative ideas before we even start. But guess what - it's possible to cure our disease, shift our thinking and become the most innovative marketers on the planet. It's possible to tap inspired creativity any moment we need it.

Welcome to Creative on Demand.

In this enlightening presentation, author and B2B marketing expert Carla Johnson will uncover the secrets to inspiring true creativity. You'll hear how brilliant brands nurture tiny creativity everyday instead of only when they need it. How you, too, can combat B.D.D., separate process from product, and breed unstoppable creativity and game-changing innovation throughout your company.

Carla Johnson
Strategist, Speaker, and Storyteller
Type A Communications


SESSION #2 - Achieving Growth and Unlocking Value Through Major Transformation

In order to unlock value and drive growth, Xerox very recently took the bold, transformative step of spinning off the company's business services unit. Xerox states that the spinoff will allow it to focus "on growing its global leadership in digital print technology and services." At the same time, the services unit, newly named Conduent, can now focus on “things that are important for a services company without having to work within the construct of a hardware or manufacturing or document technology company.” While initial marketplace reaction has been strongly positive, Xerox now has the job of creating a brand narrative and go-to-market strategy to leverage this historic opportunity. CMO Toni Clayton-Hine will reveal her plans and key initiatives to build momentum for this iconic brand.

Toni Clayton-Hine
Senior Vice President, CMO


SESSION #3 - Eating the Dog Food & Drinking the Kool-Aid: An ABM Story 

There’s no denying it, account-based marketing, or ABM for short, was one of 2016’s MVP B2B marketing phrases.  Making a repeat annual appearance and settling in with other buzzwords, acronyms and mashups like MadTech, predictive analytics, AI, and growth-hacking, ABM has established itself as a reliable strategy in the savvy B2B marketer’s toolkit. But ready acceptance and easy adoption hasn’t always been the case.  Just over 2 years ago, ABM technology provider DemandBase decided to take the hard line to completely dispense with traditional “spray and pray” techniques and adopt a pure ABM strategy.  Christine Farrier, Senior Field Marketing Manager at Demandbase will share the tale of massive creativity, lead tug-of-war, sales & marketing heart-to-hearts, and a 200% increase in pipeline with a 60% decrease in cost per opportunity that sealed the deal and launched this organization to the top of their category.

Christine Farrier
Senior Field Marketing Manager




SESSION #4 - Sneakers and BBQ Sauce 

Learn why GE makes these seemingly unlikely goods to tell its story. GE will share its approach to brand marketing, and why it's important to be a first mover.

Rich Narasaki
Global Brand Executive 


SESSION #5 - BMA NYC Communicator of the Year 

Each year for the past half-century, the BMA NYC Communicator of the Year award has recognized the leaders in business-to-business marketing who have demonstrated the highest levels of excellence, efficacy and innovation. The honor is bestowed on the companies and individuals setting the highest standards for strategy and execution across the brand-demand continuum. Selection is based on an annual body of work, underpinned by extraordinary results. The annual Communicator of the Year award is among the most prestigious in B2B marketing and representative of progressive achievement. Criteria for selection include: 

• Strategic excellence aligned with business objectives
• Outstanding application of insights to deliver a differentiated customer experience
• Creative uniqueness and impact across channels
• Category-leading thought leadership
• Highly adept use of marketing technology to drive performance
• Demonstrated return on marketing investment


Be there as Etienne Katz, VP, Global Multimedia Sales of The Wall Street Journal, presents this award to Workday!


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