ANA/BMA Members-Only Event at 3M

This event is over.

Begins:Monday, June 13, 2016 at 7:30am
Ends:Monday, June 13, 2016 at 12:00pm

3M Innovation Center
2350 Minnehaha Avenue East
Maplewood, MN 55119

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Networking & Continental Breakfast


Breakout / Tour

Tour of 3M's Customer Innovation Center

Join us for a tour of 3M's renowned Innovation Center, a one-of-a-kind facility where, via interactive displays, you'll be able to explore how 3M solves problems for their customers. Check it out here.


General Session


When creating a best-in-class social media program from the ground up, where do you start? 

Content strategy, technology, media planning, creative, governance, analytics, advocacy, execution process — all elements must come together to elevate the brand for internal and external advocacy. 3M has a collaborative culture — a well-orchestrated strategy was necessary to successfully launch company-wide, creating passionate employees activating from the inside out. Join Amy Lamparske in this session to learn what it takes to create organizational change and drive a global enterprise forward as a socially-engaged company.

Amy Lamparske

Head of Global Social Media



Taming the Tech: Modernizing your Marketing Operations

There are many drivers for the change marketing is undergoing today, and technology is at the heart of addressing them all. The problem is…the technology seems to be taking over. Selecting it, integrating it, and operating it. So how can you put it back in its place and get it working for you and not just working you up? Be a tech-empowered marketer using a simple framework to build a foundational marketing tech stack and think differently about how to operate it. Modernize your marketing operations and empower your team to drive the business impact your management demands of marketing today. 

The presentation will cover:

  1. The market drivers requiring the modernization of marketing
  2. A concrete framework to guide needs analysis for a core marketing tech stack
  3. Key concepts to frame a conversation with management about investing in marketing modernization through new technology and operations
  4. Marketing maturity assessment tools to prioritize modernization efforts
  5. Case studies to illustrate successful modernization efforts

Suzanne Martin

VP of Marketing

The MX Group


Building your Brand Through Online Listening

As a marketer you go to great lengths to build your brand. But what happens when those outside of company walls begin to discuss your business in a way that strays from and compromises your brand?

In today’s world, consumers have a public and open platform to do just that. Whether it be through online company review sites or social media, each reference to your brand matters.

But who has time to manually comb through every reference to a brand on the world wide web? Kristi will share why online listening and web scraping have emerged as effective and efficient methods to monitor brand sentiment. Specifically, she will address:

- Why social listening and web scraping tools matter.
- The difference between subscription-based and custom tools.
- Questions we ask our clients when creating solutions.

Kristi Gloppen

Vice President, Marketing

The Nerdery


Conference Adjournment

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