ANA Business Marketing Members-Only Event in Chicago

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Begins:Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 8:30am
Ends:Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 12:00pm

The Standard Club
320 S Plymouth Ct
Chicago, IL 60604

SESSION #1:  The Convergence of Content, Design & Technology

Marketing requires the right mix of content, design and technology to be compelling and ultimately effective. At Bloomberg, we had a unique challenge given that the Marketing department was only established in 2009. When faced with starting from scratch, there are many questions to be asked, pitfalls to be avoided, and opportunities to be had. In this session we will discuss how to:

1. Build an organizational structure that aligns with the company's objectives
2. Create an internal agency as opposed to going external
3. Integrate content marketing into the overall marketing mix and scale globally
4. Implement the right digital platforms and technologies
5. Establish a culture of strategic planning and measurement

Michael Eisenreich
Global Head of Content, Creative & Digital Marketing
Bloomberg LP


SESSION #2:  Sea of Change: Everything You Need to Know About Personal Branding in 2017.

In the super interactive session, you will learn how to avoid the killer mistakes too many business social networkers make by not oversharing and being a constant resource to my colleagues and connections in both real life and online, but here are things you will need to keep top of mind to positively shape your personal brand:

1.Build a powerful social network that is feeding opportunities to you.
2.Connect with influential people that will help build your brand.
3.Use the best tools and solutions for brand building.
4.Create a great personal profile that sells.
5.Building a personal brand that will get you promoted.

By building a recognizable personal brand, you'll find that opportunities find you effortlessly. Whether it's at work or at play, you will literally become a magnet for the opportunities you're most interested in.

Jeff Willinger
Vice President of Digital Inspiration


SESSION #3:  Using Publishing to Personalize your Brand, Build Advocates, and Leverage Employee Activation.

Join Linkedin’s dynamic duo as they share their strategies in not only recruiting but retain veterans and top brand advocates by highlighting the necessity to in telling your company’s story and showcasing it through compelling content.

1. Identify and explore the intersection between key marketing principles & Talent Brand.
2. Share best practices for showcasing unique employer differentiation via content.
3. How to amplify that message to key talent pools.

Pam Hoadley
Sr. Solutions Consultant

Katie Larmon
Sr. Solutions Consultant

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