Building Community at Invensys

January 16, 2014

Carlyn Greco manages social media for six brands at global technology company Invensys. The Southern California chapter member developed the company’s strategy and seeded a community that is active across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+. She will share her experience as a corporate social media strategist at the January 22nd SoCal luncheon, “Building a Thriving Social Media Program from the Ground Up.”

BMA Buzz: You didn't start your career as a social media strategist. You learned on the job and established your position. How did you build the case for a full time position focused on the channel? 

Carlyn Greco: During my previous role, I built strong relationships across many disciplines within my organization. I was able to reach out to those contacts and recommend social media as a cursory activity to ongoing initiatives.

I regularly would bring up social media. As more people heard about my passion, more people reached out to me for guidance. I would share what success I could without formal reporting tools, and I would stress that we needed to be leaders in our space and not fall behind our competitors with regards to building a strong community.

As our executives went to different conferences and the topic of social media came up, they started to pay attention. Everyone was aware that I, and others, had created social channels based on company and individual brand needs. And community engagement was increasing.

A visionary within my management stream approached my direct supervisors about putting me in the role full time. Once this notion was ‘socialized,’ management agreed that it was time for a formal strategy and focus.

Buzz: In a nutshell, what is your strategy? 

Greco: Our overarching strategy is to increase the visibility of our company through thought leadership and useful content as a means to drive community engagement.

Buzz: How did you set up the team within your division? 

Greco: We have a centralized team that handles corporate initiatives and campaigns. Our regional marketing managers are responsible for maintaining localized social channels with content to support their regional plans.

Buzz: How do you work with people across the company to encourage both participation and consistency? 

Greco: I hold monthly meetings to share best practices and successes with the regional team and our cast of bloggers. Likewise, I speak at our internal sales, marketing and partner ecosystem meetings about the importance of social marketing.

We occasionally include an article in our monthly internal newsletters, highlighting our success and the current social landscape. In addition, we have an intranet where we consistently share how-to videos and documentation, policies and guidelines, our playbook and links to our channels.

A monthly analytics report is also shared with executives, marketing, sales and other interested individuals throughout the organization.

Buzz: How do you track performance? What have been the most valuable metrics, both for guiding your efforts and for demonstrating success to corporate? 

Greco: I use a social media-monitoring platform to create reports based on our goals. I track engagement to determine what kind of content is well received and shared.

The more I can prove that people are engaging with our content, the more active our employees have become. Based on my recommendations, a few sales people have become more active in social and have specific sales that they are able to trace back to their activity on LinkedIn.

These successes are shared with the entire sales team during monthly calls. I also track the traffic driven to our campaign microsites and the number of lead forms submitted from those sites based on social media posts.


"Building Community at Invensys." BMA Buzz. 1/16/14.

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