The Addressable TV Tipping Point: Advertising Held Accountable

September 14, 2016

Executive Summary

Television remains essential to marketers for a fundamental reason. Technology has finally caught up with it, making TV advertising more effective than ever. What has changed? The answer is simple: addressable TV.

What is addressable TV? Addressable TV advertising means delivering the right ad to the right target at the right moment, with measureable results and minimal waste. It combines the unequaled reach of television with the targeting precision and measurement capabilities of digital advertising.

This report from DISH Media Sales takes a deep dive into the new age of addressable TV.

Click the link to the right (or at the bottom of the screen on mobile) to download the Addressable TV report or infographic.


"The Addressable TV Tipping Point: Advertising Held Accountable." DISH Media Sales, 2016.

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