Infographic: Right Ad, Right Moment, Right Audience

October 20, 2016

Executive Summary

Addressable TV means delivering the right ad to the right household at the right moment with measurable results and minimal waste. It combines the unequaled reach of television with the targeting precision and measurement capabilities of digital advertising.With addressable TV, an advertiser can pinpoint its audience and send a specific brand message to a specific household. Addressable TV provides greater audience segmentation, based on such factors as geography, demographics, and consumer behavior.

The below infographic takes you inside three different households watching the same popular TV show and highlights just how each household can receive separate, yet relevant ads when brands utilize addressable TV:

Click the link to the right (or at the bottom of the screen on mobile) to download the infographic or the full Addressable TV report.


"Infographic: Right Ad, Right Moment, Right Audience." DISH Media Sales, October 2016.

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