A Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Supershoppers

November 4, 2016

Originally appeared on Think with Google.

People around the world have transformed into supershoppers seemingly overnight, thanks to instant access to unlimited inspiration and information. Think with Google has uncovered the traits that define this new supershopper. Here's how to capture their attention this holiday season.

We all have that friend—the one who somehow knows the latest brands, the season's must-have products, and where to find the best deals at the snap of a finger. In years past, this friend was an enigma, making us wonder how does she (or he) do it?

Today, we can all be that friend. Supershoppers are a new breed. They're savvy mobile users who are open to new products and brands. They're constantly on a quest for the best. And they keep on shopping well after the holiday crowds have dissipated.

Click the link to the right (or the bottom of the screen on mobile) to download the full article.


"A Marketer's Guide to Holiday Supershoppers." Julie Krueger, Industry Director, Retail at Google, October 2016.

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