Top 10 Marketing Jobs to Watch in 2017

September 23, 2016

Much like the weather, pay ranges for creative and marketing professionals can change unpredictably. The Creative Group has created this infographic to help you confidently understand the current professional environment.

Competitive compensation is critical to winning today's tug-of-war for skilled creative talent. It's also a company's best line of defense against losing top performers. 

To recruit and retain the best people, more employers are willing to negotiate compensation. But to succeed, hiring managers must stay apprised of the most current pay rates for these professionals. Highly skilled professionals are in short supply, and job opportunities outnumber qualified candidates.

Click the link to the right (or below if you're on mobile) to download the infographic as a PDF. Or visit The Creative Group's site to download the full 2017 salary forecast report.


"The Creative Group's 2017 Salary Guide." The Creative Group, September 2016.

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