How to Create Videos for the 21st Century Content Stack

August 1, 2016

Executive Summary

The digital video landscape is changing. And fast. With short-form, long-form, live-streaming, gif-ing and narrow-cast niche social platforms springing up, the opportunities for marketers to distribute video in different ways have never been more diverse.

The content stack, meanwhile, has yet to catch up. How can marketers create a whole stack of video assets and creative elements to best fit the gamut of environments from user-initiated to mobile-optimized, effective with the sound off and unlikely to be skipped by viewers?

Tips include:

  • Develop video creative for skippable pre-roll.
  • Quickly pack an emotional punch.
  • Create content for a sound-off newsfeed.

Click the link to the right (or at the bottom of the screen on mobile) to download the full PDF.


"How to Create Videos for the 21st Century Content Stack." Unruly, 2016.

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