Entangled Marketing

May 13, 2016

What is Entangled Marketing?

In quantum physics, entanglement is defined as “two particles acting as one.” In marketing, it is a philosophy in which the particles are represented by the brand and the consumer. In order for them to become entangled, the consumer must voluntarily engage with the brand. This means that brands have to do more than push out campaigns. Instead, they must connect with their customers in an emotional or enticing way.

It is a new business model for building a supportive, enduring, and mutually-rewarding customer relationship.

One-to-one marketing has given way to one-with-one marketing. In an entangled marketing model, an empowered brand and an empowered consumer join together to create or do something new. It is strategic rather than tactical and requires a shift from viewing consumers as people a brand must interrupt to people it can collaborate with. It is a new business model for building a supportive, enduring, and mutually-rewarding customer relationship.

Why Is Entangled Marketing Important?

Seventy-five percent of consumers mistrust advertisers. This number has never been higher and neither has the dollar amount spent on advertising. However, only 40 percent of the money a brand puts into the market ever reaches consumers. The rest of the money simply disappears and is essentially wasted on “non-vertising.” Brands focus on engagement metrics, like whether a person clicked on a video, but so much more is possible. They have the potential to encourage people to voluntarily engage with them by connecting with them on an emotional level.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Figure out who your brand does and does not want to be entangled with.
  • Use insights to develop a deep understanding of your audience and its segments.
  • Activate the audience, in particular delinquent customers.
  • Target with the right message at the right time.
  • Know when your audience should and should not hear from you.

Entangled Marketing Case Studies

Storytelling is Dead: Long Live Storymaking
MasterCard’s CMO shared how the company has been transformed into an experience brand by giving consumers experiences they can use to create their own stories.

Igniting Purpose
With three-quarters of Americans reporting that they feel stressed about money, SunTrust Banks saw an opportunity to help them all take a step toward financial confidence.

Shake Shack Builds Community Engagement Globally
Shake Shack shared how it became a beloved brand with a cult-like following in New York City and around the world.

Taco Emoji Engine
Taco Bell got its customers to rally around a change.org campaign to petition for the addition of a taco emoji to the standard emoji keyboard.


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