Is Your B2B Marketing Department Tapping the Right Talent?

October 1, 2014

Executive Summary

No longer outposts serving in a supporting role, today's top-notch B2B marketing departments interact with customers, collaborate with colleagues and advise leaders in a brand new way. Rapidly evolving technologies have altered the way business is done and demand new skillsets. Meantime, another seismic shift is afoot: vast demographic changes are altering the supply and make-up of available talent.

The shifts in the technological and demographic landscapes can offer more promise than peril to marketing departments with the agility — the optimal talent mix — to meet the challenge.

So, what are the specific talent challenges B2B marketing departments must hurdle to fulfill their expanding roles?

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"Is Your B2B Marketing Department Tapping the Right Talent?." Frank Mulhern, PhD, Northwestern University. BMA, 2014.

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