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Personal Information

Jeremiah Fellows
VP Sales and Marketing
450 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80120


  • 2500 -- Or less (Including Travel Expenses)

Program Categories

  • Other

Geographic Availability

  • Continental US
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe
  • Asia

Program Lengths

  • 0-1 hour

Brief Bio/Description of Programs I Teach:

I am a services marketing and sales professional with extensive experience in the technology consulting industry. I have a diverse background that includes international sales management, international vendor management, multicultural team management, marketing professional services and service innovation. Jeremiah is a board Member at Colorado Business Marketing Association. I teach four courses: 1. Building the Structure and Mechanics for a professional sales organization. 2. Developing a professional sales organization culture and behavior 3. Managing a global network of reps and distributors

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