How to Enlist your Crazies: The Super-Influencers that can Make All the Difference

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B2B is always about change—reframing how people buy, introducing an innovation, or getting people to think about your company in new ways. You can increase your chances of success by getting change agents on board—the subset of your market who are the most likely to share and drive your agenda. Finding your crazies makes your market smaller—and means you can stop wasting money reaching audiences who don’t care. We’re not talking about traditional influencer marketing, which too often means renting other people’s audience and cachet. Crazies are the people whose professional success or personal passion aligns closely with yours—whether they know it or not. For most companies, these key audiences are sitting on the sideline, but with the right approach they can help you succeed. 

Key learnings include:

  • How brands like GE, TD Ameritrade, Waze, Peloton, and RedHat get their crazies on board
  • Three major types of crazies, with tips for finding the ones that matter to you
  • Five strategies for enlisting these key audiences in your market, your product, and your mission 



Begins:Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 3:00pm
Ends:Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 4:00pm

Mike O’Toole
PJA Advertising + Marketing

Robert Davis
EVP, Director of Strategy
PJA Advertising + Marketing

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