Chapter Membership Benefits

Each of the BMA community chapters are comprised of a spectrum of marketing and communications disciplines, working with – and for – companies operating in complex industries. They are today's B-to-B "movers and shakers" and tomorrow's stars in the fields of advertising, marketing management, research and data analysis, media relations, social media, direct marketing, product management, channel management and more.

BMA Chapter members are smart, engaging, knowledgeable professionals dealing with the same marketing issues, day in and day out – from demonstrating marketing effectiveness and ROI and clarifying complex business concepts to enabling sales and pushing the envelope in channel management to accelerate revenue generation.

To meet members' needs, BMA Chapters provides relevant and timely programming for business marketing professionals by tapping into the wisdom of the membership community. Joining a local chapter offers access to critical thinking, insights into communication, and managerial skills by bringing our members face-to-face with the nation’s top B-to-B marketing thinkers and practitioners.

Marketers find that joining a chapter helps them gain:

  • Marketing education via programs, mentoring, and networking.
  • Reduced cost to register for BMA and ANA National Conferences and discounts to other BMA events.
  • Opportunities to hear top speakers, or learn to become a speaker yourself.
  • An opportunity to attend ANA’s complimentary weekly marketing webinars.
  • A complimentary subscription to B-to-B Marketer Magazine – a national publication.
  • A complimentary subscription to BMA Buzz, the monthly e-newsletter of BMA.
  • Learning what related B-to-B research is available and how it can help elevate one’s knowledge. Including access to professional resources, research, whitepapers, and research experts.
  • Tools and insights to improve one’s business-to-business marketing communications and related marketing techniques and skills.
  • Insight into new and varied managerial techniques.
  • Participation in B-to-B marketing communications and related business discussions and debates.

Chapter membership dues are in addition to joining as an Individual or Corporate member. Contact the individual chapter for more information on how to register.

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