ANA Business to Business Members-Only Conference @ Wells Fargo

At this conference you will hear from B2B marketers who are driving business growth by honing their strategic direction, by generation strong B2B branding programs, and those who have found focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty returns great dividends.

Begins:Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 8:15am
Ends:Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 4:00pm

Wells Fargo
333 Market Annex Building
San Francisco, CA 94105

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Igniting Innovation Initiatives

Innovation is at the heart of growth, and driving a successful innovation marketing strategy is key to continued success. In this session, learn how Adobe advances innovation initiatives across its enterprise business. Hear a case study about one of Adobe’s organically grown businesses, discover B2B strategies to launch new in-house products and ventures, and learn how to overcome internal roadblocks to achieve success.

Dave Dickson

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Emerging Businesses



I’m So Emotional! Bridging the Emotional Divide: The Path to B2B Brand Leadership

A new Gartner cross-industry study offers up findings that some B2B/tech marketers may find almost anathema: "B2B customers are significantly more emotionally connected to their vendors and service providers than consumers.” Emotion? Not bits and bytes? Not industry-leading solutions? Increasingly, the answer is yes and yes!

In this presentation, we will dive into latest thinking and applicable insights on how brands are enlivening rational entreaties with emotional appeals. What role does emotionally play in a buying process long considered rooted int he rational?  How can B2B marketers achieve leadership by appealing to minds and hearts?

Ted Kohnen

Managing Partner

Stein IAS


B2B Integrated Marketing: Keeping It Relevant

The key to successful integrated marketing is to develop a clear and compelling marketing angle centered on a key insight, to create a core marketing asset to leverage as a springboard for you finely tuned, digitally integrated marketing campaign, and then to deliver that message to the right target market. 

Join Wells Fargo Wholesale/Commercial banking marketing team as they outline the end to end process, from strategy to implementation, of a technology sector marketing campaign. The Wells Fargo team will outline how they incorporated social, digital, content, conferences and team members to drive awareness and consideration with this focused audience.

Kellie Krug

SVP, Head of Wholesale Marketing

Wells Fargo


Tighten Your Briefing Process; Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

If you haven’t asked yourself lately “Is our scope of work process and briefing of agencies strong enough?” you may be missing out on the opportunity to get better output from your agencies and better mileage from your budget.

Writing better SOWs and briefs is about better work and eliminating waste that results from poor guidance and projects that zig zag unnecessarily. In this presentation Bruno will demonstrate that poor scoping and briefing is the primary source of marketer’s inefficiencies and misguided efforts as highlighted in a recent study where 73% of agencies claimed that clients provided poor guidance.

Learn specific steps you can take to elevate your SOW and assignment brief process and how these simple techniques will help you drive your costs down and make you a client your agency will want to do great work for.

Bruno Gralpois

Co-Founder & Principal

Agency Mania Solutions


Distinguishes Your Brand Through Thought Leadership

For B2B marketers, leveraging content that positions their brands as thought leaders on issues important to their customers is a critical piece of the overall marketing mix. Getting this right requires brands to think and act more like publishers or programmers: choreographing content, social, and technology strategies that infuse customer experiences with new levels of brand utility. Steve Sonnenfeld will outline the range of ins, outs, and keys to positioning your brand to achieve thought leadership success.

He will also discuss what brands and marketers have discovered that resonates with customers in a relatable and ultimately profitable way – specifically why relevant content must become a major part of the marketing campaign.

Stephen Sonnenfeld

VP, Global Creative Director

Thomson Reuters


THE “B2B MEDIA EXCHANGE”: Improve Ad Spend ROI Through Programmatic Buying

Marketing investments are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate an ROI. Technology innovation has improved buying execution and analysis.  These advancements have also compromised the quality of available media in the supply-side ecosystem. While programmatic advertising streamlines operational functions, getting started can be intimidating for many buyers.

BPA has simplified the planning and activation process to help B2B marketers be assured that their ad spend is directed soundly in online and offline media.  They will share how a B2B industry collective was initiated to accomplish just that!

You will walk away from this presentation understanding how the BPA has created a media exchange where marketers have access to a trusted direct pipeline into the supply-side platform that will allow you to increase your marketing ROI, and demonstrate the value of marketing to your management.

Glenn Hansen

President and Chief Executive Officer

BPA Worldwide

Scott E. Roulet

VP, B2B Media Exchange

BPA Worldwide

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