Why Join the ANA's Business Marketing Association?

As a B-to-B marketer, you have unique informational and networking needs; BMA has developed a distinct set of products and services tailored to meet those needs:

  • Make better business decisions faster. Tap into the BMA content library, which contains over 1,600+ units of B-to-B content, curated by our editorial team to bring our members the latest insights, research, case studies, tools, and templates you need.
  • Elevate your effectiveness/efficiency. Download the marketing tools you need; get templates or forms that will help you accomplish your job. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft PowerPoint slide decks are just a click away.
  • Stay current. BMA members have access to free B-to-B webinars, magazines, e-Newsletters, and podcasts. Or keep up with new marketing trends by taking one of the ANA B-to-B training courses.
  • Stay connected. Join one of the 15 local BMA chapters and exchange information and ideas about what's happening in marketing. This connection is an invaluable tool for knowledge building, leadership opportunities, and networking alike.
  • Become involved locally. Chapter membership offers:
    • Integration and networking with marketers on a local level.
    • An opportunity to elevate your management, leadership, and public speaking skills by volunteering for the chapter board position.

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Go Local — Find Your BMA Chapter

There are 15 BMA chapters throughout the U.S. Attending chapter events enables you to connect and exchange information and ideas about what's happening in B-to-B marketing. Engaging locally will help you to:

  • Build a local network — it’s quick and easy to get connected
  • Establish important partnerships with local business resources
  • Offer you access to planning and execution insights by attending local chapter events
  • Upgrade your own leadership skills by becoming involved in chapter management

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2017 Masters of B2B Marketing

BMA hosts the largest B-to-B marketing conference in the world, where we bring together leading CMOs and marketing thought leaders to share inspirational approaches to business marketing that drive growth and elevate the role of B-to-B marketing as a business driver.


Training & Career Development

The BMA now offers members complimentary webinars, remote learning programs for individuals or teams. Whether you’re taking a break at your desk or grabbing a conference room for a team lunch’n learn, these interactive programs bring the latest insights and trends to you.

Each month we host a dedicated B-to-B webinar series, running each Wednesday at 3pm ET – this is supplemented by weekly webinars on more general marketing topics at 1pm ET each Wednesday.

The “Webinar Wednesday” program has been one of the most popular training programs offered by the ANA, and since our merger these are now available to BMA members as well: all a complimentary benefit of your BMA membership.

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