The BMA17 New York Regional Conference

Conference Agenda | List of Speakers


Date: November 2, 2017
Time: 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Place: Bloomberg HQ
731 Lexington Avenue, 7th Floor East MPR
New York, NY 10022


Can Marketing Change the World?

Many companies believe and act as if changing the world is completely separate to making money. And, their marketers and agencies follow right along. But in today’s socially and environmentally conscious world – and in today’s polarized political context – does this belief hold water? Or do brands need to catalyze positive change if they hope to deliver commercial results? Importantly, what role can and should marketers play?

The 6th Annual BMA New York Regional Conference is dedicated to the premise and promise that marketing can change the world. The event will provide inspiration and applicable insights into how marketers have an obligation to step up and lead the change agenda for their companies, and for the greater good.


Speakers and topics include

Fearless Marketing: The Story Behind Fearless Girl
John C. Brockelman
Managing Director, Global Head of Communications and Brand Marketing, State Street
Global Advisors

In just 12 hours after her placement in New York City’s financial district, Fearless Girl generated more than one billion impressions on Twitter alone. Hear the story behind the creative strategy that brought the statue to life from John Brockelman, Global Head of Communications & Brand Marketing at State Street Global Advisors—one of the largest asset managers in the world. The firm’s actions behind the now iconic symbol, and the way the campaign ignited a conversation globally on the need for greater gender diversity in senior leadership, achieved both extraordinary commercial success and cultural impact.


When Culture Kills the Killer App
Josh Feldmeth
Senior Partner, Prophet

Every industry has been disrupted by a technology-enabled alternative promising faster delivery, lower costs, and delightfully better user experiences. In many sectors, these former disruptors now occupy dominant positions. The killer apps are now category killer enterprises.

These companies have experienced extraordinary growth running a post-digital playbook. But have they learned the timeless lessons of Culture? Why do some of the most important brands in the world—both new and established—fail from within? And when they skid off the rails, how do they get back on track?

The Age of Courage: Marketers’ Call to Action
Geof Rochester
Managing Director, The Nature Conservancy

Join Geof Rochester, Managing Director of the Nature Conservancy, in a conversation about the evolving roles and need for courage required of corporations, NGO’s, municipalities and citizens in today’s world and especially with regard to Climate Change – the issue of our times. Hear about the latest trends and advancements as heightened concerns lead to greater engagement bordering on activism. Most importantly, what are the implications of all of this on the role of CMOs and marketing teams and the stewardship of brands?

Engaged employees can change the world. Should marketing get in on the act?
Joe Pantigoso
Sr. Director, Global Brand, SAP
Margaret Molloy
CMO, Siegel+Gale
Brian Rafferty
Global Director of Research Insights, Siegel+Gale
Anthea Hoyle
Strategy Director, Employee Engagement, Siegel+Gale

Organizations can change the world indirectly through social responsibility, activisms and beyond. Perhaps more importantly, great companies deliver the quotidian products we need and desire and can create innovations that change our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. Employees are the backbone of every great organization. Yet many marketers are primarily focusing on customer engagement devoting only minimal energy to internal employees.  A new study by Siegel+Gale sheds fresh light on the power of engaged employees. Based on a survey of more than 14,000 people in 9 countries, findings show that organizations that invest in activating brand purpose and simplifying their workplaces benefit from greater trust, advocacy, retention and innovation among employees. In addition to unveiling study findings for the first time, this session will also feature a conversation on how SAP seeks to drive business outcomes and a global change agenda through employee engagement.


A Millennial POV: I Am a Marketer Because I Can Change the World
Elizabeth Bamonte
Global Consumer Campaign Manager, IBM
Kaitlin Dean
Associate Director, Marketing & Communications, Ipreo
Sarah Forcheski
Associate Marketing Manager, Hiscox
Christine Nguyen
Account Manager, Stein IAS

Marketing today has changed dramatically — and more so now than ever, millennials are choosing marketing as their chosen discipline in business. Why? Because they understand that marketing has taken on a new life and purpose —  it plays an integral role in how a company can change the world. We surveyed over 100 millennial marketers to get their views on the topic as well as their insights into which brands really do it best. Hear the main themes that have risen to the top for millennials and be inspired by what inspires them.


Creativity: A Catalyst for Good
Ted Royer
Chief Creative Officer, Droga5
Colleen Leddy
Head of Communications Strategy, Droga5

At Droga5, using creativity for good is an agency imperative. We believe in purpose-driven creativity and attract like-minded organizations to influence change. Join Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer and Head of Communications Strategy Colleen Leddy as they showcase some of their notable “humanity obsessed” campaigns and discuss the integrated media thinking behind each campaign.

BMA NYC 2017 Communicator of the Year Presentation
Sponsored by The Wall Street Journal

With recipients representing world-class brands from American Express to Verizon, the Communicator of the Year Award has been one of BMA NYC’s most prestigious and enduring initiatives for 54 years. Sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, the award recognizes outstanding B2B marketers who, in the judgment of our Board, exemplify insight, creativity and effectiveness in business marketing. Special emphasis is placed on a campaigns and bodies of work that rise above in terms of uniqueness and innovation.


BMA17 Moderator
Russ Findlay
CMO, Hiscox

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