You know what you want: education, training, and professional development in B-to-B marketing. You know what you need: an organization that provides access to the kind of data, people, and programs to end your search on a positive and cost-effective note. You need the BMA.

Why Join the BMA?

BMA is the world's premier community devoted exclusively to advancing the B-to-B marketing profession.

  • We connect you with your peers.
  • We connect you with resources.
  • We connect you with ideas.

BMA members are able to link to hundreds of marketers locally via 16 chapters across the country. This gives members access to collaborative benchmarking, networking, and brand-building knowledge, along with exclusive access to the latest B-to-B marketing insights that help in making better business decisions. BMA membership provides an unparalleled opportunity to network, share, engage, and maximize the overall value of member brands through world-class resources.

New member benefits include access to ANA conferences, training, webinars, and much more. For more information on new, expanded benefits for BMA/Associate ANA members in 2015, download this PDF.


Membership Breakdown

What Membership Is Right for Me?

BMA has several membership options. See which fit is right for you:

Along with the BMA National membership, you can join individual chapters in your area.

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